Auto accident Whiplash Injury
Whiplash injury treatment in Brampton

Worried about Whiplash injury after your car accident? Have you met with a car accident in and around Brampton or in the greater Toronto area (GTA) and had a car accident injury? Were you rear-ended by someone or had a head-on collision?

Are you worried that you might have a whiplash injury or neck pain from car accident and want to get treated promptly and effectively in the comfort of your own home?

Let me assure you that I will explain to you what is whiplash injury and what are the signs and symptoms that you should watch out for.

After reading this blog post about whiplash injury treatment if you have still any more questions please contact me and I will guide you about the next steps to be taken are.

What is Whiplash neck injury?

What is Whiplash injury!

Whiplash injury is a neck injury due to sudden forceful back and forth movement of the neck like cracking of the whip. 

It can happen most commonly with a rear-ended car accident where someone hit your car from behind while you are waiting at traffic lights or while stuck in bumper to bumper traffic on our famous highways (410,401,403,407 ETR,a QEW). 

Neck pain after car accident can be due to bad weather leading to motor vehicle accidents or due to the negligence of the other car driver.

Having said that it could also happen while playing contact sports.

In standard terms, Whiplash is known as neck sprain or strain or cervical sprain from car accident.

Whiplash Injury Recovery Time

Whiplash injury Brampton

How long does it take to get better from Whiplash? 

It is a very tricky question because there is no right or wrong answer to this question regarding Whiplash recovery. Having seen many patients with Whiplash I can for sure tell you this much that no two patients are the same. 

However, some of the factors which can contribute towards faster Whiplash recovery are as follows:

  • Age
  • Gender
  • Overall Health before the accident
  • Previous history of Whiplash injury
  • The severity of the impact -Especially in the case of Whiplash following a car accident or motor vehicle accident the recovery from Whiplash depends on the speed of the impact that is the speed at which the other car hit you from behind. To understand better, it makes a difference if you were hit by a car coming at 20km/h or 100 km/h. I hope this makes sense.

On average, most people with whiplash injury start getting better in a few weeks following a treatment plan devised by your doctor and your physiotherapist.

However, some patients have chronic neck pain and other long-lasting problems which can take time to recover.

Commonly, within a few weeks you should start feeling better, and all the symptoms start gradually reducing. Still, we have seen some cases where the symptoms of whiplash injury can last for months and years after the injury has occurred. 

So it is your responsibility to get correctly diagnosed and get treated for your whiplash injury which was due to none of your fault and someone hit you from behind which caused his injury. 

Signs and symptoms of a whiplash injury or auto accident injury?

Although right after the accident you might be absolutely OK and there will not be any pain or other symptoms you should keep an eye for following signs and symptoms. 

From assessing many patients including drivers and passengers who were injured in auto accident injury, as well as pedestrians (who had a whiplash injury due to hit by car usually at the traffic lights and also while entering streets in residential areas and filed for pedestrian accident claims), we determined that most of the patients feel OK to begin with after whiplash injury. That is due to the adrenaline rush and state of anxiety and stress.

Whiplash auto accident injury
Whiplash auto accident injury

Once they call their family members and do necessary formalities with the other driver like exchanging auto insurance policy details and additional essential information, they are on their way home.

Once they reach home and settle into their couch or sofa, reality kicks in and the effect of adrenaline tapers down.

Mostly then they start feeling the pain or stiffness, which is still not terrible. 

Delayed injuries after car accident

But usually, the next morning when they wake up they have unbearable pain and stiffness in the neck and back due to soft tissue injury of neck and back.

Some patients even told us that they could not also come out of bed due to pain and tightness. These symptoms are called delayed onset whiplash. 

Signs Symptoms of Whiplash associated Disorders:

Signs and symptoms of Whiplash Injuries

When you are dealing with Whiplash following symptoms are mostly expected;

  • Neck pain and stiffness after a  car accident
  • Back pain and stiffness after a car accident
  • Shoulder pain and shoulder blade stiffness after a car accident
  • whiplash hip pain and stiffness
  • knee pain and stiffness after a car accident
  • Late appearing car accident injuries like seat belt injury
  • Middle Back and shoulder blade pain
  • Tenderness of neck and shoulder muscles
  • Tingling and Numbness of arms and legs
  • Whiplash headache especially headache to the back of the neck
  • Sleep disturbances
  • Lack of Concentration 
  • Forgetfulness or memory problems
  • Irritability
  • Vertigo after car accident

In a severe whiplash injury, some patients might also complain about the following symptoms. 

Whiplash injury
Blurred vision after Whiplash injury
  • Dizziness 
  • Drop attacks or sudden loss of consciousness
  • Diplopia or Blurred vision
  • Inability or difficulty to swallow
  • Inability or difficulty to speak
  • Nystagmus that is uncontrolled eyeball movements( Your family members might tell you or you can see it in the mirror)
  • Nausea or vomiting sensation

The severity of symptoms of car accident injury may vary among different individual and not all patients are same.

If you have any of above mentioned seven symptoms, you should consult your whiplash injury doctor or emergency doctor right away. Because it can be a medical emergency.

Now we will look at Whiplash Injury treatment.