Whiplash injury treatment- Physiotherapy-chiropractic in Brampton
Whiplash injury treatment

Before reading about Physiotherapy- Chiropractic treatment for Whiplash in Brampton I will recommend you go through Signs and symptoms of Whiplash injury which will help you understand this page better.

Whiplash Physiotherapy assessment 

Whiplash injury assessment
Whiplash Physiotherapy assessment Brampton

Your Physiotherapist (That’s me, I hope) will ask you some questions to know the event before the accident like weather, time, date.

Then I will ask you questions related to your chief complaint now and other symptoms which will help understand your extent of the injury.

Also,I’ll ask you about your ability to perform the daily task like personal care, household activities.

Whiplash Physiotherapy examination

Whiplash Physiotherapy examination
Whiplash Physiotherapy examination Brampton

In this examination, the physiotherapist will perform certain moments by placing their hand onto your body.

Those movements include neck movements and the movement of your shoulders and other joints depending on the symptoms you present.

I also check the tenderness of your neck, shoulder and back as well as the strength and reflexes of the muscles.

Whiplash injury treatment

Goals of whiplash injury Physiotherapy treatment are as follows: 

whiplash injury Physiotherapy treatment Brampton
whiplash injury Physiotherapy treatment Brampton
  • Reducing Pain
  • Improving mobility
  • Education on hurt vs Harm
  • Improving functions
  • Increasing level of participation in activities of daily living

First few days, you will be having a lot of pain due to acute inflammation, and at this time, our Physiotherapy goal will be to reduce pain.

neck pain after car accident

To improve mobility, we will incorporate active and passive physiotherapy in the treatment plan. 

Passive physiotherapy management of Whiplash

Deep tissue massage:

Whiplash injury treatment
Deep tissue massage for whiplash treatment

It is used to treat deep muscle tension and stiffness due to Whiplash.

In this passive treatment, the Physiotherapist uses direct pressure to relieve stress in the Deep muscles of the neck and back which will help them recover faster and also help with patient complaints of back pain after rear-end car accident.

Hot and cold Therapies: 

Hot therapy technique

hot and cold therapies

The Physiotherapist is trying to increase the blood supply to the area, which will help bring more oxygen and nutrients to that area which will have a soothing effect. You will be getting moist heat packs.

Cold therapy technique

cld therapy

By applying a cold pack to the neck or affected area, Physiotherapist is going to make the area numb and reduce the blood circulation to that area. The goal behind this technique is to reduce inflammation and muscle tightness or spasm in the neck and back area.



Ultrasound is used by Physiotherapists in whiplash treatment to increase the blood circulation by increasing the heat in the area, which will help reduce the muscle spasm and swelling and stiffness.

TENS Machine

TENS machine can be used as a Passive Physiotherapy treatment in order to block pain signals and reduce pain due to whiplash injury. ( You can get it here)

Active Physiotherapy treatment of Whiplash

Active Physiotherapy management for Whiplash in Brampton
Active Physiotherapy management for Whiplash in Brampton

In active physiotherapy management for Whiplash, your Physiotherapist will teach you various exercises to improve the strength and mobility of the affected area. 

Best stretches for Whiplash treatment
Best stretches for Whiplash treatment

Also, they will teach you the best whiplash stretches for your neck and your back which will help you reduce the pain.

Postural correction

Postural correction protocol for Whiplash treatment in Brampton
Postural correction protocol for Whiplash treatment in Brampton

 If we determined that you have postural issues, then we will incorporate Postural reeducation Protocol into the Whiplash Physiotherapy Management.

Strength Training

Strength Training for Whiplash in Brampton
Strength Training for Whiplash

I will also show you the best Physiotherapy strengthening exercises for your whiplash injury.

Hopefully, by going through this article you have understood how to do proper whiplash injury treatment with physiotherapy.

However, if you have still any questions please don’t hesitate to contact me.

So Please contact me to find out more about how I can help you with your Whiplash Injury Physiotherapy treatment.