Understanding the Cost of Physiotherapy treatment in Brampton, Ontario.
Cost of Physiotherapy

Do you have a question of how much it’s going to cost for a physiotherapy service? You are not alone! To clear the ambiguity around Physiotherapy expense, I have created a detailed post about the average cost of physiotherapy in Brampton, Ontario and surrounding areas of Toronto, Mississauga etc.

Physiotherapy services are tax-free just like many other health expenses, and so all the treatment which can be billed under physiotherapies like acupuncture or dry needling are tax-free as well!

Who Pays for Physiotherapy? Usually, as an authorized Physiotherapy provider with all extended health insurance plans, I can directly bill the insurance companies for the physiotherapy services provided.

Do I pay out of pocket for Physiotherapy services? The answer to this question depends on how your employer has negotiated your extended health insurance plan or if you had a motor vehicle accident.

Let me give you an example: John has extended health insurance plan through his job where Physiotherapy is covered for a maximum of $1000 a year for him. But the stipulation of the policy is 100% of the Physiotherapy treatment is covered. That means John does not pay out of his pocket up to maximum of $1000. We can bill directly to the insurance company.

His neighbor, Anna, has extended health insurance through her job, and she is covered for unlimited Physiotherapy, so there is no maximum dollar amount. However, each Physio treatment session is covered up to 80% of the amount, and the remaining 20% Anna has to pay out of pocket.

So, in this case, Anna pays out of pocket for the amount, and at year-end, she can claim the Out of Pocket Physiotherapy treatment under the healthcare expenses. We provide a detailed invoice to Anna.

On the other end, Motor Vehicle Accident patients do not pay anything out of pocket for the cost of Physiotherapy (condition apply) so please contact us, and we can guide you better.

So what I would recommend doing is contact us so that we can direct you to appropriate resources to clarify the answer.ften we have been asked about question pertaining to “