Physiotherapy after surgery
Physiotherapy after surgery

If you are searching for Physiotherapy after Surgery, I assume you must have gone through one of the following few surgeries:

  1. Knee Replacement Surgery
  2. Hip Replacement Surgery
  3. Meniscus Surgery
  4. ACL Reconstruction Surgery
  5. Shoulder Replacement Surgery
  6. Ankle Replacement Surgery
  7. Or any other surgery not mentioned here.
Physiotherapy after Surgery
Physiotherapy after Surgery

Since you have got discharged from hospital and now you have started looking for Physiotherapy after surgery on the internet to do in home physiotherapy for faster recovery and regain the strength and movement that you lost after surgery.

In this blog post, I will be educating you on what happens during surgery and why you need Physiotherapy after Surgery.

So let the story begins.

Tom is a hardworking middle-class man who has been suffering from symptoms of knee arthritis for years. He has severe pain in the knee along with Swelling and clicking sound from his knee. Also, he isn’t able to walk long because of pain and deformity. 

One day he can not take this pain any longer and decided to meet the surgeon for Knee Replacement surgery!  He was given a date, and on an appointment date admitted into our Brampton Civic Hospital. 

He was taken into the Operation theatre and was given general Anesthesia. Once the surgery team, including the Knee Replacement Surgeon, made sure that Tom is under anaesthesia and no longer awake, the surgery began.

Under the effect of anaesthesia, they put the incision on the skin and cut open the skin over the knee. (Lately, Knee replacement Surgeons have been using Minimally Invasive Knee Replacement Technique). Once the Knee replacement surgery is done, and the knee replacement implant is fitted into the knee, they close down the skin and surgery is complete. Once Tom is stabilized, he is moved into his room.

Now the real story begins, and we can understand why Physiotherapy after surgery becomes very important here.

So years of arthritis and also surgical incision over the skin and knee ligaments and muscles, there is inflammation of the muscles and surrounding structures of the knee. 

As a result of this inflammation, there is redness, Swelling, increased temprature and loss of function. 

Please keep a note of 2 most prominent symptoms which are Swelling and Loss Of Normal Function which make Physiotherapy after Surgery very important.

Due to Swelling after the Knee Replacement Surgery or for that matter any surgery, there is compression on Muscles and Nerves and other tissues surrounding the traumatized area. 

This causes the reduced activity of the muscles.

Whenever there is reduced activity of muscles following surgery, muscles become weak and stiff, which results in tightness and pain.


Physiotherapy after Surgery
Why Physiotheapy after surgery is Important?

 it becomes like a vicious cycle where due to pain patient Tom is reluctant to move the muscles and leg, which causes more stiffness and tightness in joint and muscles.

So, for this reason, Physiotherapy after Surgery is vital and can help the TOM recover faster.

Some of the common goals for in home Physiotherapy surgery patients in Brampton, Mississauga like TOM are :

  1. Education
  2. Pain Relief
  3. Regain Mobility
  4. Regain Strength
  5. Gait Training

In order to achieve these Physiotherapy goals, our BramptonPT team member meets Tom in comfort of his home and conduct a thorough Physiotherapy Assessment, including his mobility and strength of the muscles. 

Based on the physiotherapy assessment and mutually agreed upon goals between Tom and in home physiotherapy expert, the treatment plan is decided and implemented.

So after carefully following in home Physiotherapy after surgery sessions, TOM will have reduced pain, increased strength of Knee muscles, Increased Knee mobility and overall good feeling since he is able to walk for longer distances and able to Socialize better.

So this is why Physiotherapy after surgery is very very Crucial.